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Frequently Asked Questions

A tray of climbing hold bolts

How do I bulk order holds?

The bulk ordering matrix can be found here. You may filter by brand, shape, size, and wall attachment type, or sort by hold set popularity, new additions to the store, or by brand series.

Choose hold sets by typing in the quantity of each hold set you’d like by color on the bulk ordering matrix. To add the chosen sets and update your cart contents, you must click “Add To Cart” at the bottom of the page before navigating away.

Can I analyze what I’ve added to my cart already?

Store by VS offers powerful analytics for holds currently in your cart. Click on “Cart” in the upper right corner of the site to drop down the Cart Hold Summary. The Summary shows tables and graphs of your cart contents by color, by shape and size, and by shape and color.

The Cart Hold Summary will also suggest mounting hardware sizes and quantities for your new holds.

How do I get in touch about another question or issue?

Contact us here.